Welcome to The Stories Behind The Stories

From Anita Belli Books

This is where I will explore the themes and ideas behind my novels.
The backstories of the characters and how they came about.
Where the ideas come from and how they grow into a story.
And how my own life experiences feed the constant, fast flowing stream of stories and ideas.

I might also mention my interest in Arts and Creativity and how they can change the world!

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Anita I wish you success in this different more personal venture.

    The hard work you have put into everything you have done, the adversities you have faced & overcome.

    To the hurdles you’ve come up against & being unable to get over them , have found away around them.

    I admire your tenacity & dedication , the way you have stayed grounded , never forgetting your roots.

    It was worth holding onto your velour hat in the winter wasn’t it ,& wearing the tweed coat that was bought to ‘last’ that though warm was a tad too large.

    From that to this.

    Well done Anita.

    Love ‘N’ hugs.


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