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Anita Belli

Author of Historical Fiction and Contemporary Romance.
Creative writing tutor and director of Writer Support School

So, how much do you want to know about me? Reading my fiction is probably the best way to find out who I really am. It is amazing how much of ourselves we put into our fictional stories. This will be the theme of my blog posts here:

The Stories Behind The Stories

I think all authors do this to some extent; our themes and ideas come from our life experiences; from our interest and passions. And the more life we have lived, and the more interests we have, the deeper our stream of ideas, thoughts and themes for our books. And this means that we have even more stories to tell.

The themes and ideas for my books come from a number of places. Patterns are set in childhood and these often form the background colour and pattern to what follows. Later, when we move away from out childhood homes, we grow into our own skins, and begin to forge a unique life for ourselves, based on the choices we make. Our experiences then come from our studies, work and family. These become the focus around which our lives dance, and provide the narrative threads which we draw on in our fiction.

In my early and most formative career, I was a dancer and filmmaker – so I experienced the creative worlds of touring theatre and film sets. I was fortunate to work with many creative and interesting artists both on stage/ screen and behind the scenes.

When my knees hurt too much to dance, and early starts on film sets became inadvisable with small children, I became an arts manger, supporting the creative development and practice of dancers and filmmakers. We moved out of London – Camden Town which had been my soul home until now – for a better family life by the sea. Standing at the school gates in a small coastal community is a great leveller and the focus of my life shifted from the ‘Arts World’ to the ‘Real World.’

I began to work with communities to develop creative activities which would include more people; firstly, filmmaking projects and then around a bigger agenda of ‘Creativity.’ I worked for Arts Council England delivering a unique programme of creativity in schools and communities in the most deprived areas of England. And this really opened my eyes; not so much to deprivation – I had grown up with that (more about that later!) but exploring the very bones of Creativity and the tools which can be learned and which can enhance every aspect of our lives.

This taught me that creativity is not just something we do; it is the basis of who we all are as humans. After all, if humans were not a creative species, we would still be living in caves and foraging for food!

I now work in schools and communities, libraries and even on trains, sharing my love of writing and publishing with anyone who wants to join in.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about Creativity and the Stories Behind The Stories with you in these blog posts, and I hope that you will share your stories with me.

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