An uplifting tale of backstage love and drama

When Sophie Wilde is knocked off her bicycle by producer Alex Brooke, she becomes entangled in his world of royal gala’s, divas and dogs. She doesn’t mean to fall in love with him; her life is complicated enough with her alcoholic, boomerang ex, her chaotic family, and busy life in the wardrobe departments of London’s West End Theatre. But Sophie is a serial daydreamer and makes lists to put off doing what needs to be done. When the singing Diva from hell, Callandra Jewell, throws a mega tantrum on tour, all the lists in the world cannot control the powerful mesh of emotions generated by the confusion which follows.

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RUBY SIXPENCE Whistles up a Storm

A Magical Romance

Meet Ruby Sixpence, born on a leap day; a spare day in which magic happens. Born in that enchanted crack in time where opportunities, and people like her, slip through. Over the centuries she has nurtured the uncommon art of bringing lovers together, a gift which comes in the same package as aging one year in four. But these gifts come with a price and make her duty bound to play cupid in the lives of reluctant lovers. Her unorthodox methods are surprising, and she doesn’t always get it right. 

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A feelgood romance of second chance love

They were partners, years ago, until Rory took off to find his brilliant career. Hollie finds herself stranded in the world of single parenthood with her son Tom, and as a waitress at The Blue Moon Café, she is struggling to make ends meet. When Rory reappears in her life, Hollie realises how difficult it is to admit her secret after all this time. But when a TV company turns up to make a documentary about cafe, all hell breaks loose, and Hollie’s secret unravels in a very public way. With the help of the film crew and the lively clientele from The Blue Moon Café, the solution unfolds on screen where sparks fly between Hollie and Rory. And where Rory and Tom gang up to build a bridge directly into Hollie’s heart. ​

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A story of love, loss and betrayal in the Spanish Civil War

In the tranquil Andalucían village of Santa Carmen, deep divisions are exposed by the arrival of a young English stranger, Kit Brown. He falls in love with Rosa Saragossa, and as Spain tears itself apart in civil war, few will escape unscathed. Kit and Rosa must risk their own lives to save those they love, and when he is imprisoned, Rosa will never give up seeking the truth. In this war, however, the shocking truth is hard to find.

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A young woman’s search for the truth amongst the ruble of war

Beatrix Prins sets out to discover who killed her father in the final days of the Nazi occupation of Holland. But where is the truth and which are the lies in the patchwork of fragments and memories which survive? As her mother slips further into madness, Beatrix begins to believe that she is uncovering a shocking truth which has lain hidden for decades beneath the rubble of war. She enters a dangerous world, alone and vulnerable where she will replace her father in a new conspiracy in order to unravel the past and determine her own future. But the price she has to pay may be too high. The safe arms of a deceitful childhood have been the currency of her life so far. Is it too late for her to understand love and loyalty?

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