And Breathe …

This weekend, I am getting my breath back after a week of juggling priorities. As well as the day job – writing and managing a writing business – I have delivered around eighteen hours of creative writing workshops in seven schools. I am really happy to be back in schools, despite the challenging circumstances. IContinue reading “And Breathe …”

What is the most important question writers ask?

How many books have I sold this month? Do I get an advance?  Why is Amazon’s algorithm so complicated? Can I eat this cream cake as research? Is it ok to write someone I know into my book – and kill them? You mean I have to re-write the whole thing? Why is this soContinue reading “What is the most important question writers ask?”

Where do story ideas come from?

I am often asked; ‘Where do you get your story ideas from?’ and I usually reply, waving a hand around vaguely, ‘Oh, everywhere, anywhere. They just come to me….’ Which is easy to say, but not the whole story. So where do our ideas come from? In my Kickstart Your Writing workshops, I look at the three most commonContinue reading “Where do story ideas come from?”

How Creativity Can Save the World

‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body!’ Honestly, some said this to me once.  It made me sad that people could believe this about themselves and this is why.  I believe that humans are inherently creative. If we weren’t, we would still be living in caves and foraging for food. Human survival isContinue reading “How Creativity Can Save the World”

It’s Never Too Late!

‘I want to be a writer when I grow up,’ said a child version of myself.‘Don’t be silly, love. They have people who do that sort of thing,’ replied the responsible adult. I believed them, as children do, despite the fact that The Manchester Evening News had printed my stories and poems on its children’sContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late!”

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